How to score 500+ Marks in scc cgl


Many aspirants want to increase their marks upto 500+ in ssc cgl examination. But ssc cgl aspirants is increasing day by day. According so some RTI reply, students filled ssc cgl form in ssc cgl 2017 more than 32 lac and ssc cgl 2018 more than 25 lac.

You have few months of time from now. So makes your good schedule to achieve your goal. According to our success formula tha we teach our students, is:

Ssc cgl conduct IV phases but two phase is important tire I and tire II.

A). For mathematics:

Mathematics plays important role in Selection. Mathematics only have 250 number weightage. If you want to command in Mathematics, follow some important steps.

  • Solve Any Previews years question books like kiran publication, Rakesh yadav etc. one and practice them more than five times and you will be able to get good proficiency in Math.
  • You can score 45+ Marks out of 50 in SSC CGL PRE and 190 Marks in SSC CGL Mains Exam.

B). For English:

It is the most predictable section in Exam.

  • Previews year books like MB PUBLICATION practice them at least 2 to 3 times. And also one vocabulary book.
  • One word Substitution: books or Previews years question pdf practice every week after complete once.
  • Idioms and Phrases: Any book and Previews years question pdf practive every week after complete once.
  • you can score 35+ Marks out of 50 in SSC CGL PRE and 170 Marks in SSC CGL Mains Exam.

C). For Reasoning:

No entrance exam is complete withouttesting your logic and Reasoning. This section normally contains questions testing your aptitude and logic. To score 45+ Marks/out of 50 in reasoning section, you should have to solve reasoing booklet which will clear your all basic and advance doubts.

D). For General Study:

  • Economics/ History/ Political Science / General Science/ Geography.
  • Read monthly Magazines for current issues.
  • It is the most yast section and requires months of preparation if you want to score above 30. In pervious years all of teh General Awareness questions came from monthly Magazine. By reading these books you can cover all your subjects in couple of months and can score 30+ marks easily in General Study.


After Compilation of these subjects and books make yourself ready to face the exam.


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